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Colorado Psychotherapy Services provides top-notch psychotherapeutic services to promote well-being, self-awareness, and mental health to the greater Denver metropolitan community. We are trained in working with diverse populations and our clinicians provide psychotherapy services as well as mental health assessments/evaluations for indivduales, adults, adolescents, children, and couples.

Depression Treatment

Psychotherapy can be used for depression treatment to stop the downward spiral of depression. You and your therapist at Colorado Psychotherapy Services of Denver will work together to identify strengths and coping skills to manage the depression symptoms in the short term so that time can be given to understanding what factors combined to cause the depression so that future occurrences can be minimized or prevented.

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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety can be healthy in small doses. It helps create motivation to finish that big project by the deadline and causes us to be alert and aware as we are walking to the car late at night. Yet for some people anxiety happens in much larger doses causing ruminations, insomnia, panic attacks, and paralyzing fear. Physical symptoms such as racing heart, shortness of breath, shakiness, sweatiness, chills and hot flashes can all be associated with anxiety.

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LGBT Mental Health

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered couples and individuals may have additional challenges just by being members of a society where the majority are heterosexual and slow to accept the existence of a way of life different than their own. This can result in struggles with anxiety, depression, self-worth, and fears of rejection as the decision is made to tell colleagues, friends, and loved ones.

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Couple’s Counseling

When individuals decide to come together in relationship, challenges are inevitable. This does not mean that the relationship is doomed or something is wrong with you. It simply means that you are both unique individuals who need help finding a common language. Each person’s language is based in their history of what was modeled to them by other family members.

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  • "My life was in complete shambles when I came to see Dr. Meredith. She helped me turn things around at my own pace. She has amazing insight and intuition and heals with kindness, respect and compassion. I feel stronger now than I ever thought possible." --J.H.
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