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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety can be healthy in small doses. It helps create motivation to finish that big project by the deadline and causes us to be alert and aware as we are walking to the car late at night. Yet for some people anxiety happens in much larger doses causing ruminations, insomnia, panic attacks, and paralyzing fear. They may feel irritable, restless, tense, jumpy and have troubles concentrating. Physical symptoms such as racing heart, shortness of breath, shakiness, sweatiness, chills and hot flashes can all be associated with anxiety. Some people will actually go to the emergency room thinking they are having a heart attack, only to be told that its symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety can be caused by events in the past that cause fear in the present. For example, an adult may avoid elevators due to having been stuck on one as a child. Anxiety can also be related to the future and preparing to deal with upcoming negative events. Sometimes people feel they can’t become too comfortable or relaxed in the present or else they may not be prepared or alert in case of emergencies. When this occurs, people miss out on present moments because they are too worried about the future. A variety of anxiety treatments used by the psychologists at Colorado Psychotherapy Services in Denver have had great success in helping clients learn how to manage and reduce their symptoms of anxiety.


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