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Grief, Loss and Endings

Grief occurs when a person experiences a loss or an ending of how things used to be. This loss may be a death of a family member, friend, spouse, or pet. The loss may be the end of a relationship, selling a childhood home, moving to a different location, or being fired from a job. In general, when endings occur, we focus on what is now absent from our lives and this causes an entire range of emotions to occur. At first, a person may experience shock or denial if the ending was not anticipated. Then anger and/or sadness become prominent; anger towards the person or event for causing the emotional pain and sadness that an ending has occurred. Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable and people try to make it better by pleading with an ex to take them back or turning to methods of distraction which can be healthy like exercise and interaction with friends or unhealthy like excessive drinking, isolating, or other self-destructive behaviors. Eventually, the potency of these feelings will lessen and the person will accept that an ending has occurred and will move forward in life. However, getting to this place of acceptance can be quite challenging.

Grief Counseling can be useful in assisting with increasing healthy methods of coping and with providing a place to talk about the sadness of the loss for as long as is needed so that eventually positive memories take prominence and/ or lessons are learned for how to create better future experiences. Endings and loss are an inevitable process of life. Sometimes people can become stuck and focused on what they had to the point where they are unable to see beginnings are also occurring and new relationships and experiences are possible. Grief Counseling helps to respectfully process the endings so that each person can move forward feeling whole and optimistic about continuing to live a full and meaningful life.


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  • "My life was in complete shambles when I came to see Dr. Meredith. She helped me turn things around at my own pace. She has amazing insight and intuition and heals with kindness, respect and compassion. I feel stronger now than I ever thought possible." --J.H.
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