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Depression Treatment

All of us have experienced some form of depression in our lives. It is a normal reaction to relationship break-ups, losing a job, death of loved one etc. Yet sometimes the sad and blue feelings stay longer than expected. It becomes hard to find the motivation to do the things you used to enjoy doing. It may feel as if your mind is sluggish and you may notice concentration and memory problems. Everything begins to feel like an effort and it becomes harder to feel excited and joyful. Sometimes thoughts of death occur as a way to escape the pain of living.

Psychotherapy can be used for depression treatment to stop the downward spiral of depression. Life doesn’t have to feel dark and painful. Depression can create a sense of hopelessness and apathy, but with appropriate depression treatment these painful feelings can be reduced and replaced with an increased sense of optimism and hope. You and your therapist at Colorado Psychotherapy Services in Denver will work together to identify strengths and coping skills to manage the depression symptoms in the short term so that time can be given to understanding what factors combined to cause the depression so that future occurrences can be minimized or prevented.


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  • "My life was in complete shambles when I came to see Dr. Meredith. She helped me turn things around at my own pace. She has amazing insight and intuition and heals with kindness, respect and compassion. I feel stronger now than I ever thought possible." --J.H.
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