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Relationship Counseling / Couple's Counseling/ Marriage Counseling

When individuals decide to come together in relationship, challenges are inevitable. This does not mean that the relationship is doomed or something is wrong with you. It simply means that you are unique individuals who need help finding a common language. Each person’s language is based in their history of what was modeled to them by family members, friendships, and work relationships.

This language is comprised of words, actions, and other emotional expressions that may be very different from those of your partner, friend, family member, or colleague. Psychologists at Colorado Psychotherapy Services in Denver strive to help each person develop an empathic understanding of what each individual brings into the relationship to increase patience, improve communication, and create a deeper emotional bond.

Psychologists at Colorado Psychotherapy Services recognize that relationships come in many forms – romantic, friendship, familial, work. At times, therapists are needed to assist with all types of relationships to help improve communication, safety, and general ability to relate to each other in a positive and healthy way.

Couple’s Counseling, which is also called marriage counseling, is typically for adults who are involved in a romantic relationship with each other. Each couple defines their rules of relationship regarding money, chores, sex, friends, children, etc. Sometimes one person wants the rules to be adjusted and couple’s counseling can be used to assist if partners are unable to find a common middle ground. Strengthening communication skills and ability to have empathy for the other’s experience are common techniques used in couple’s counseling. Sometimes couples will wait until tension and conflict has been present in the relationship for a long time until they choose to seek couple’s counseling while others take a proactive approach and use couple’s counseling to develop communication skills and tools to negotiate conflicts as they occur, so that the couple can move past the challenge, feeling closer and more connected. The term couple generally implies two consenting adults, however, psychologists at Colorado Psychotherapy Services recognize that the need for couple’s counseling extends beyond the traditional definition of a couple to include polyamorous relationships between consenting adults.


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